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Entry #2


2009-10-17 10:05:21 by Sieghfried

Why do I always get un-scouted in the Art Portal, I wonder? Am I too slow perhaps, supposed to upload a new pic every week or...?


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2009-10-17 10:11:59

hell if i know i don't draw. i just write stories, and ask qeustions, but hey i recomended.


2009-10-17 10:16:59

It's probably because the Art mods don't think your art is good enough.
It's not because you don't submit something regularly.
Your current art is quite good but is lacking a bit.
Use thicker lines on the sketches and put a bit more detail into the flash drawing and you should stay scouted.

PS: being un-scouted is called being castrated.